Health Benefits of Cycling for Weight Loss

It is not by chance that cycling is amongst the most loved sport in the Olympics today. I believe that people have discovered the health benefits attributed to cycling especially because it’s a full body workout. The world bicycle relief (WBR) statistics indicate that the number of people choosing bicycle riding today has greatly increased from 2005. You see countries like Netherlands, Denmark, China and Japan are among the many countries that solidly encourage the use of a bicycle as a mode of transportation within their cities not only for the health benefits but also for decongestion in those cities.

The world economy today has made it vital for each individual to work in order to have sustainable livelihoods. We are on a busy schedule which allows us limited time for ourselves. Most of us spend long hours on the computer/laptop desks with absolutely no movement and in the end, we amass weight or become unfit that in essence becomes a health hazard. While cycling can be for fun, used as a mode of transport it is appropriate for those seeking to lose weight and maintain fitness.

Why should you encourage cycling?

Cycling is suitable for individuals of all ages and level of fitness. Cycling is basically a social kind of workout where you can join various cycling groups that ride around the city and thus increasing your social group.

Cycling is enjoyable and doesn’t feel like work or become strenuous compared to other workout modes. Most countries have increased cycle paths being formed on the roads making life even easier.

The Health Benefits

Cycling is good for your weight and cardiovascular system

If you dedicate 15 minutes a day to cycling, you will have your weight controlled, you will quickly reap the benefits of your regular workout if you are overweight.

Note that the calories you consumed from the food become your cycling fuel. The faster you cycle the more the fun and consequently the more the calories burnt. By cycling, you also reduce the unwanted fat and increase metabolic rate.

Cycling is said to be very good for your cardiovascular system because as you ride faster your breath faster and harder which makes your heart pump faster which in essence strengthens your heart and makes your lungs work harder.

Cycling reduces the risk of getting sick

I am not saying you will not be completely sick don’t get me wrong, I mean that the tendency of illness is reduced because your body cells are greatly activated which makes it’s easier for them to fight an intruding enemy when they come.

Diseases like diabetes can be prevented because the extra sugar in your body is used as energy when riding thereby lowering the blood sugar level to an optimum. Arthritis is afraid of you when you engage in cycling because almost all your joints and leg muscles are exercised thus making them healthy.

In addition to healthy diets which includes a lot of vegetable and fruits, you will maintain a healthy body.

Cycling helps your brain functioning

Riding helps to enlarge your blood vessels which means that the brain receives more oxygen while also forming more nerve cells and brain cells which aids faster information processing. Your mind is therefore always healthy and alert.

You get stronger

Whether you cycle to work or do it for 15 minutes before going to work, your body will develop extra stamina and increase your energy thus making you charged for the day ahead.

It relieves stress

Cycling will make you engaged in that particular activity which reduces your stress level and improves your wellbeing. Depression, anxiety and stress can be reduced by cycling especially when you cycle jointly with other people as it increases your concentration on other things.

To the countries encouraging cycling

This is the best and cheapest mode of transportation because it doesn’t activate any form of pollution, there are reduced congestion and traffic jams in the big cities especially for those who have special lanes for cycling as well as reduced noise pollution from vehicles moving all over. The mortality rates are also reduced because the people are living healthy by being fit.

So, you now understand the benefits and are opting to start cycling regularly consider the following tips

Outfitting your bicycle

A good bike is a very first thing you need to start your bicycling journey. There are different types of bikes such as road, mountain, and hybrid.

As a beginner, you can start with a hybrid bike if you’d hesitate to ride a road bike or a mountain bike. Hybrid bikes make with road and mountain bikes combination.

Use helmets:

This is essential as it protects you from serious head injuries that may occur as a result of accidents. Whether you are riding for fun, doing errands or exercise always wear a helmet. Regardless of your age choose a properly fitting helmet that is not too loose or snug and depending on the weather you may include ventilation holes. If a helmet is good it will be worth your investment.

Your hard or soft seat:

There are people who prefer hard seats while others prefer soft ones all that is personal preference. Always ensure you get the most comfortable bike seat for you. Consider buying another one to swap with the one that comes with the bike if need be as this will determine how long you ride and how much fun you have.


Padded bike gloves are good and comfortable because they not only increase your enjoyment but also protect your hands in case you fall.

Baskets: If your bike is for running errands then a suitable basket is advised rather than using a backpack.


If you will use your bike as a mode of transportation you will need a good lock to secure your bike.

Your safety rules

  • Offer constant maintenance to your bike regularly.
  •  Wherever you go carry your basic tools kit.
  •  Study and follow the set highway codes.
  •  Always wear brightly colored and appropriate clothes preferably reflectors. Use your lighting system where the weather condition is poor.
  •  Use your helmet on the road or off the road and make sure you have the most comfortable bike seats to protect your spinal injuries.


There are many weight loss exercising options and one of the best is cycling. Whether you need to burn those calories or burn the body fat cycling will always come in handy. Since you have read the benefits of cycling, why don’t you get started and discover the health benefits in a remarkable span of time?

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